UTS Energy Engineering is owned and operated by jim Guertin, P.E., CEM, MSE, Instructor

Mr. Guertin has been an energy engineer for over 40 years.  Jim’s expertise lies in identifying, designing, evaluating, and implementing energy conservation projects.  Specialties include compressed air systems, chillers, refrigeration systems, and renewable energy systems.  He has extensive experience in metering energy systems and assessing the savings of energy conserving opportunities.

Mr. Guertin has done work in all sectors: industrial, institutional, governmental, commercial and residential.  He has taken a lead engineering role in an Energy Service Company (ESCO) which included, among many assignments, the startup of two offices with 12 engineers and the management and development of a demand-side management program for a Middle Eastern country.  At the Massachusetts Energy Office he ran their renewable energy grant programs.  Mr. Guertin has had his own consulting company for over twenty years.  He received his Masters degree from Arizona State University and his undergraduate engineering degree from the University of Lowell

Jim has received a number of technical awards and has given many technical and consumer-oriented lectures and presentations.  Mr. Guertin has published several technical papers, and was a past technical reviewer for the ASME Journal of Solar Energy Engineering and other publications.

Currently he teaches two On-Line classes twice a year: Basic Energy Auditing and Advanced Energy Auditing in the Spring and Fall Semesters